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Recent Posts

Tank Guide: KV-2

The KV-2 is a tank practically synonymous with World of Tanks.  It started out at tier 5 under the designation KV and eventually was moved to tier 6.  This happened when the KV was split into the KV-1 and KV-2.  The KV-2 is infamous mostly due to its impractical design and large 152mm howitzer gun.  Tanks […]

Weak Spot Guide: AMX M4 49

The AMX M4 49 packs a ton of armor for a French tank on the front of the tank.  Although a premium tank it can take a beating even from tier 10 tanks thanks to its impressive armor values.  Unlike most tanks there is no clear weak spot on the hull nor most of the […]

Weak Spot Guide: Strv 103b

The 9.17 World of Tanks update introduced Swedish tanks and with them came the tier 10 Strv 103b tank destroyer.  The Strv 103b features a unique tank design with a hydropneumatic suspension, heavily angled armor, and frontal spaced armor layout.  The Strv 103b doesn’t blow you away with sheer armor thickness with its 20mm-60mm of armor. […]

Weak Spot Guide: IS-6

The IS-6 may not seem like a tank with a great deal of armor by looking at it’s listed stats.  However, it’s armor scheme makes good use of angles and provides excellent protection overall which can fool a lot of people who do not know how to deal with one.  Although the armor is angled […]

Map Strategy: Paris

Paris is the newest map to hit World of Tanks random battles as I am typing this article.  First introduced through the now defunct rampage mode, Paris was reworked and added several patches later as a regular map.  Paris features a layout reminiscent of Ruinberg with its urban layout but is more dynamic with more […]

Map Strategy: Mountain Pass

This World of Tanks Mountain Pass strategy guide will go over the basic routes, positions, and tactics you will see on this map. Team 1 (Yellow) is found in the north while team 2 (Blue) is found in the south.  You’ll find that this map strategy colorblind friendly and replaces the green/reds often found in World of Tanks […]

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