Map Strategy: Swamp

Swamp has underwent numerous changes over its stint in World of Tanks and its current iteration is vastly different than the initial version of Swamp released years ago.  Swamp has seen its initial spawning locations rotated and 90%+ of the map has received significant changes since its initial release.  With all these changes it can […]


Tank Guide: O-I Experimental

The O-I Experimental is a tier 5 Japanese heavy tank that weighs in at a whopping 100 tons making it easily surpass many of the tanks it will normally face in the mid-tiers.  Green_Ghost requested this O-I Experimental guide and this World of Tanks O-I Experimental guide will break down the tank into key areas […]


Request A Guide!

Is there a guide that you are looking for World of Tanks related that isn’t on WoT Guru?  Whether it be a weak spot guide, tank guide, map strategy, or a general gameplay guide feel free to send me request and I will add it to the queue of guides being worked on.  You can […]


Weak Spot Guide: O-I Experimental

At tier 5 the Japanese heavy tank O-I Experimental doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of armor to stand up against many of its peers but it does pose a different armor layout to enemies due to it having several small turrets located across the hull of the tank.  While it is labeled as a heavy […]


Weak Spot Guide: O-Ni

The tier 7 Japanese heavy tank O-Ni is a slow heavily armored tank that like many of the Japanese heavy tanks has above average frontal/rear while sacrificing side armor protection.  The side armor is only weak when enemies fire directly at it due to the very thin armor found on the side hull.  O-Ni drivers […]


Weak Spot Guide: O-I

The tier 6 Japanese heavy tank O-I is the first true “heavy tank” in the Japanese heavy tank branch in the sense that it has the armor to withstand a beating.  At tier 6 the O-I’s armor uses a combination of thickness, angling, and deception to protect the tank from damage.  The armor is also […]


Weak Spot Guide: Type 5 Heavy

The tier 10 Japanese heavy tank Type 5 Heavy is a behemoth on the battlefield weighing in at 150 tons and having the armor to allow it to withstand a beating from the majority of tanks the Type 5 Heavy faces.  Being a large, slow, high hit pool, and well armored tank the Type 5 […]


Weak Spot Guide: Object 704

The tier 9 Russian tank destroyer Object 704 has a tricky armor scheme that relies on a bit of luck and poor shot placement to deflect incoming rounds.  Against most tier 8 and tier 9/10 tanks the Object 704’s armor is not strong enough frontally to stop aimed shots on much of its frontal armor. […]


Weak Spot Guide: IS

At tier 7 the Russian IS heavy tank doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of armor to stand up against tier 7 heavy tanks/tank destroyers and higher tier tanks.  However, its armor is strong enough in a lot of areas to give tier 5/6 and many tier 7 tanks a tough time in damaging the IS […]


Weak Spot Guide: AMX AC mle. 48

The tier 8 French tank destroyer AMC AC mle. 48’s armor scheme is designed as an “all or nothing” approach that make the armor across the AMX AC mle. 48 drastically change from very strong armor to very weak armor in many areas.  99% of the strong armor on the AMX AC mle. 48 is […]

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