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Map Strategy: Mines

Mines has been around in World of Tanks for a very long time and although it has undergone several changes the core strategy has remained the same.  Mines is a small map and most of the fighting is concentrated on the central hill(mine) since it provides a great tactical point to not only attack but […]


Map Strategy: Fjords

Fjords is a very difficult map due to the terrain elevation differences and with the match easily snowballing in one team’s favor from a single flank failing.  Fjords is “split” into 3 main areas which require specific tanks to exploit.  The Northern area of the map for both sides is great for medium tanks since […]


Map Strategy: Fisherman’s Bay

Fisherman’s Bay is mixed with open fields, terrain elevation differences, and buildings to cater to every type of tank light or heavy in World of Tanks.  The map features a town wrapped around a harbor in the eastern portion of the map that caters towards heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and sturdier mediums.  In the western […]


Map Strategy: Fiery Salient

Fiery Salient is a unique version of the original map Prokhorovka with minor changes to the terrain features, destroyed tank hulls(cover), and bush placement.  Both maps play virtually the same with slight changes between the two.  Prokhorovka compared to Fiery Salient has less cover across most of the important locations you will often be fighting […]


Map Strategy: Prokhorovka

Prokhorovka has gone several changes which each time has made the map more reliant upon teamwork than the previous iteration.  The first version was very flat with very little cover, the second version became much more hilly/bumpy with adequate cover, and the present iteration has been smoothed out closer to the original version. This leads to a map […]


Map Strategy: Erlenberg

Erlenberg can be a very tricky map to figure out since it incorporates many different areas on the same map, unlike other maps that generally favor one type of gameplay over another.  You have plenty of wide open areas, elevated ridges, choke points, and plenty of buildings to take cover behind.  The key to this […]

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